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Summer Bird Care Tips

June 15 2021

Do you have a feathered buddy? Birds may be small, but they’re really cute and lovable little pets, and they’ve gathered quite a lot of raven fans. Polly does have some fairly unique care needs, which will of course change a bit with the seasons. In this article, a McHenry, IL vet lists some summer bird care tips for you to be aware of.


This is a big one for this time of year. Fans are extremely dangerous for birds! Ceiling fans are particularly hazardous. Make sure to turn all your fans off before letting Polly out for playtime.


Even if your winged pal is very affectionate and loving, she could still zip out an open door or window. This is something to be extra careful of at times when you are going in and out a lot. If you’re gardening, grilling out, or hanging out in the backyard, keep Polly in her cage until you’re done going in and out.


Birds like cooling off on hot days by taking a dip. Take advantage of the warm weather and let Polly have more bath fun than usual. You can put a little birdbath in her cage, or spritz her with water. Larger birds may even enjoy shower perches. Just be aware that your colorful pet will need lots of time to dry off. Don’t bathe her late in the day when it’s going to cool off.


Polly may also enjoy a cool treat. You don’t want to give a bird ice cream or anything like that, but many birds can have a cold seedless grape or banana slice. Ask your vet for specific recommendations on safe and unsafe treats.


Making sure that Polly has plenty of fresh water is very important. Change your winged friend’s water out at least once a day.


Our feathered friends can overheat, which is very dangerous. Keep an eye out for warning signs. Polly may hold her wings up and away from her body, pant, or just act very restless or out of character. If you see any indications that your pet is too hot, immediately take steps to cool her down. Misting her is one way to cool her off. Call your vet as you are doing this.

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