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8 Ways To Herd Cats

December 15 2019

Did you know that today, December 15th, is National Cat Herders Day? Of course, the term herding cats may sound like a bit of a misnomer. After all, Fluffy is notorious for ignoring directions. However, as it turns out, there are some things that our feline pals just can’t resist. Read on as a McHenry, IL vet lists some things that always seem to attract kitties.


Does your kitty enjoy napping in sunbeams? We suspect she probably does. Apparently, Fluffy never got the memo that she isn’t actually cold blooded.


Sleek cats, floofy cats, shy cats, bold cats, serious cats, goofy cats … they all love boxes. If you were to set out some empty ones, there’s a pretty good chance your frisky furball would immediately hop into them. Suitcases and paper grocery bags are also good for attracting cats!

Laundry Baskets

There’s a good chance that if we were able to take a survey about how many of our feline patients like to sleep in fresh laundry, the numbers would be pretty high.

Changing Sheets

Fluffy is a very thoughtful and attentive little pet, and likes to give her humans a helping paw. Chances are, whenever it’s time to change the sheets, your furry little helper is right there with you.

Loud Noises

What about getting cats to go the other way? Cats hate loud noises. The sound of pots clanging often makes Fluffy hightail it out of the kitchen.

Can Openers

This one may be a bit outdated, since pop-top cans are more common now. However, kitties of the past often came running when they heard this sound!

Calling Them

Studies have shown that yes, Fluffy does know her name. Although our feline friends can’t always be bothered to answer our summons, some of them actually do come when called . . . at least some of the time.

Laser Pointers

If there was one tool that may just be purrfect for herding cats, it may very well be the laser pointer. Fluffy just can’t resist chasing that little red dot! Try to play with your kitty daily. It will benefit her both mentally and physically. Plus, cats hard at play are fun to watch!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic, your McHenry, IL vet clinic. Please contact us for all your cat’s veterinary care needs.